Boston Harkness says offence wasn't always a part of his game, but fans of the Estevan Bears would never know it by his play this season.

The second-year Bears defenceman has 16 points in 19 games to lead the team.

"(It) just started pretty recently actually," said the 16-year-old. "Peewee wasn't very much, Bantam started getting more (offence), and now even more. I just started getting more comfortable, more confident."

"My teammates have been helping me. I've got a lot of assists...they've been putting the puck in the net," he said.

Bears head coach Jeff Smith says Harkness told him he wanted to be more offensive. 

"I told him 'you have to take chances if you want to be offensive' and he's taken that literally and has jumped up in the play when he can," Smith said. "He's a real smart player, and he knows when to and when not to. And now that he has that little bit of confidence in himself to do that and jump up in those plays, it shows."

Watch the video interview above to find out more about Harkness' hockey background, including his favourite players growing up, his favourite team, and what his goals for the future are.