Hockey fans in Estevan might notice a new piece of memorabilia during their next visit to Affinity Place.

The City of Estevan unveiled a commemorative plaque for Allan Nicholson on Wednesday afternoon. Nicholson had a professional hockey career that spanned 17 years and included a stint with the NHL's Boston Bruins. He was born in Estevan and played for the Estevan Miners during the 1951-52 season.

"Allan was one of the first players that made it to the NHL born and raised in Estevan, so we're so proud to have his picture up," said Estevan mayor Roy Ludwig. "How often can a community say that one of their own went all the way to the NHL? So it's a humbling moment and it's a moment that we're proud of and we're so proud that we're able to showcase this for our's a great thing."

Allan Robinson Plaque

Frank John, who was a friend of Nicholson, had a hand in making the plaque become a reality.

"It's historical for this building (Affinity Place). He came up long before we had this facility," said John. 

John also described what kind of player Nicholson was.

"Aggressive," he said. "Al was a left winger, and when you played left wing in those days, they said 'you go up and down the left side of the rink, that's your territory,' and he did a great job of just that."

Nicholson passed away in 1978 to cancer. He was just 42-years-old. John said his friend would be proud to see his name up on the wall.

"He would be proud of himself. But he was not a showy guy. He'd be proud but he would soak it up without making a big deal out of it I'm sure." 

"This is so nice to see."