Progress Made on Leisure Centre and Icon Centre

The RM of Estevan Aquatic Centre

Work continues on the paving of the Icon Centre and the Leisure Centre's parking lots. The city has completed the paving for the Icon Centre and after some cleanup work is finished, work will begin on the Leisure Centre's parking lot.

City Manager Jim Puffalt explains that they will be paving the Leisure Centre's parking lot open by paving different sections at a time. Puffalt isn't sure at this time which section will be the first to be paved but says it will be announced shortly.  

There is no exact timetable on when the paving of the Leisure Centre will be completed but Puffalt is confident it will be done sometime this fall. He adds they will work for as long as the weather cooperates.

The City is planning to recognize the grand opening for the Icon Centre and RM of Estevan Aquatic Centre sometime this fall. Puffalt isn't sure of an exact date but adds that it will largely depend on the completion of the paving of the Leisure Centre.