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day of pink

Come join Sun102 tomorrow for the Red Cross Day of Pink! This day is focused on bringing awareness to bullying issues and encourage others to join the movement to reduce bullying in our schools, workplaces and communities!

Together we can make a difference!

Deck yourself out in pink and meet us in front of the Courthouse at 1:15pm with the walk to start down 4th street at 1:30!

We hope to see everyone there!

What does this say about you?

chocolate bunny
According to Women's Lifestyle (I have a subscription obviously) the way you eat your Chocolate Bunny says something about you...

Ears first - You're practical organized and traditional.

Tail first - You take the path less take and you're cautious and cunning.

Bite or Snap off Head - Restless and independent.  You're a go-getter.

Sniff It First - You have high standards and pay close attention to detail.  You're also polite.

Paws First - Kind, sympathetic and nurturing.  Your insecurities are your greatest weakness.

Bite or Snap It in Half - Your a glass half empty kind of person.  

So how do you eat your chocolate bunny?

Summer Events Coordinator

Let's start thinking about Summer!  Why not!  Thinking about a Summer job?  Search no further!  We have the perfect summer job for you!  We are searching for Sun102's next Summer Events Coordinator!  This is a fun summer job!

You don't need to be stuck in an office all day long or spend your summer mowing grass.  This Summer job will have you cruising around Southeast Saskatchewan checking out fairs, festivals and just representing Sun102 around the community!

If you have an energetic attitude, love to have fun and love being out in the community then THIS JOB IS FOR YOU!  Apply today!  Just drop off your resume at the Sun102 Studios at Suite 200 - 1236 5th Street in Estevan!

New Music on Sun102!

Catchy music is great, but hearing that catchy music for the very first time is even better!  Here is a few new tracks you will be hearing on Sun102!
Dan Talevski - Guilty As Sin
Canadian teens are doing very well in music right now!  We have Shawn Mendes, Tyler Shaw and Francesco Yates tearing up the charts.  You can add one more Canadian guy to that list, Dan Talevski!  This is his very first single and it's very catchy.

We tweeted out this new song, and he was grateful.  Seems like a good guy!


Fall Out Boy - Centuries
This song has already hit 2x Platinum and now you will hear this one added to the Sun102 Playlist!

Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance

This song is inspired by 80's, and you get that 80's vibe just listening to it.  This isn't the official music video, but I had to share this video.  It's the song put to a movie dancing montage, it will put a smile on your face in 3 minutes GUARANTEED!