Saskatchewan Traffic Blitz Today

A traffic safety blitz will be happening today in

Motorists across Saskatchewan will have to be careful as police will be watching for certain infractions as apart of November's safety blitz.

The Estevan Police will be watching for drivers who are on their cell phones - either texting or talking - and motorists who aren't wearing seatbelts. Of course, like every traffic blitz, police will also be watching for obvious infractions such as speeding and going through red lights.

SGI spokesperson Rebecca Shultz says creating awareness about what not to do on the road is one of the best ways to make the roads safer. With more tickets handed out, and awareness provided through media outlets, eventually the message will get sent that infractions such as texting while driving or not wearing a seat belt, is illegal and dangerous.

Shultz added previous traffic blitz's have been very successful in sending that message and the province will continue to organize them to keep Saskatchewan's roads safer.

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