Hey Friend, whats happening?

I 'll tell whats happening....a great live show, will grace the stage at the ECS
 this Sunday at 7:30.
Stars for Saskatchewan is sponsoring the super group Cantabile who i understand
will  play a captivating and stimulating evening. Cantabile is formed by Tenors;
Richard Bryan, Steven Brooks and Mark Fleming and Baritone Michael Steffen.
The group have been delighting audiences since 1982 with their amazing range of
programmes. From a cappella favourites to the sacred music of the last millennium
I hear through the grape vine that they are outstanding in both Comedy and the Classics.

They are supported by thirteen solo albums, over 2,000 live performances and more than

200 TV appearances worldwide.


If your interest is peaked and might want to bring a friend to the show or you are on the fence

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect! ( The first 1and an half minutes is a conversation

in French. If you are Bilingual you might get a kick out of it! The good part is at the 1:51 mark!)





You can grab tickets at the door. The show is at the ECS Sunday evening at 7:30

I'll see you their with bells on (well no bells I lost them at a New Years party..

long story ...a story for another time ;)


Your Pal