Some of the rules around liquor are changing in Saskatchewan, with the province looking to modernize its regulations.

Included in the amendment to the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act is a change to drinking in public spaces, which was mentioned during the throne speech earlier this year.

The change would see municipal authorities dictate whether people of legal drinking age can consume alcohol in public places such as parks.

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Minister Lori Carr says they're leaving it up to the municipality to best determine what works for them.

"That really is something that either the regional park authorites or in a provincial park, they'll have to have those discussions about what kind of alcohol consumption they want. Right now they have fairly strict guidelines in place and they have them there for a reason. Now we're giving them the authority, if they do want to open it up a bit more that'll make it easier for them."

The change in amendment also brings changes to permits, such as simplifying the recorking provisions for permittees and removing the requirement that applicants publish their intentions to obtain a liquor permit in local newspapers. 

They'll also be allowing some types of alcohol on special occasions - so long as the organizers have the right permit.

"They would have to apply for a special occasion permit to do that. So if someone's hosting a wedding, and they make their own beer, wine, or ciders they will be able to provide those to their guests at no extra charge," said Carr, "Whereas they couldn't do that before."

Overall, the changes are said to make a better atmosphere in the province.

"I think these changes make it a more positive atmosphere, make it easier for municipalities and individuals to be able to find different avenues of enjoying life," said Carr, 
If one of those is you want to go to the park and share a glass of wine with your loved one while watching the sunset, you'd be able to do that now.