Board of Directors President Tayja Lakusta described it as "the best year yet for the gala in terms of how much we raised."

She was speaking about this year's Estevan Humane Society Whiskers and Wine Gala, which took place Saturday night at the Estevan Exhibition Hall.

"It went really, really well. All I've heard is nothing but amazing rave for the food, the talent. Everyone I talked to had a blast," Lakusta said.

Lakusta added that there were just under 200 people at the dinner. She said she doesn't have an accurate money total yet, but that the funds raised will go towards renovations and other operating costs at the Humane Society.

"Right now we're just working on getting our renovations started," Lakusta said. "But basically just ensuring we can do a lot more enrichment with our animals after the shelter's been renovated and upgraded. And then just our day-to-day operations. Vet bills are expensive, and just housing animals, and our operating expenses."

Lakusta said people are already wondering about next year's event.

"They're like 'Are we going bigger next year'? And I'm like 'I don't we keep it the same and do that or do we try to go bigger and allow more people to enjoy it?'"