Broken Arrow Youth Ranch is gearing up for the 10-year anniversary of the Broken Arrow Charity Classic this is one of the biggest fundraising events for the ranch.  

Broken Arrow offers a safe space for youth to grow and heal. The students live on the ranch, with schooling provided on-site. The use of electronics is prohibited during their time at the ranch.  

“It just gives our students the opportunity to focus on themselves without the peer pressures of life, without other circumstances affecting them,” said Lara Moroz, administrative director at Broken Arrow Youth Ranch. “And they can deal with some hurts that they may have experienced and some struggles and things like that.” 

“Our goal is to reunite them with their families when they’re on better footing,” said Todd Moroz CEO of Broken Arrow. Youth Ranch “There is no tougher job on this planet than being a mom and dad, and every single family needs help at some point, and so that’s what we see our role as.” 

He added that there is nothing more valuable than investing in the families of Saskatchewan and Canada.  

At this year’s event the guest speaker is Carson Shields, and he will be sharing his story of bullying at its highest level in junior sports.  

“Just to hear his story of restoration and hope that he brings, and to many young people. So I just want to strongly encourage everyone to come out and hear, what he has to say because I know your hearts are going to be touched.” 

A highlight of the annual event is the goat auction. Todd Moroz added that Willie the goat will be making an appearance in Estevan a couple of days before the auction.  

“We have had a blast in years past, going from business to business, speaking with individuals and selling tickets on our goat and on that Sunday evening there is going to be some lucky winner,” said Todd Moroz. “We’re going to pull up to their front door and bless them with the grand prize of Willie the goat.  

If the winner doesn’t want to keep Willie the goat, for a small donation, he could be returned to the Broken Arrow Youth Ranch.  

Todd Moroz said it has been a fun fundraiser and a great way to connect with people in Estevan and the surrounding area.  

Laura Moroz said that they are switching to a fashion show format this year. Working with stores across the province to provide outfits for the models, the outfits featured in the show will then be bid on by the crowd.  

“If by chance they don’t want that specific outfit, they will get a gift certificate to that store.” 

The event will be held on Saturday April 6, during the Estevan Strippers Hockey Tournament weekend.  

Broken Arrow has a special connection with the hockey tournament with 'The Broken Arrow Bruins' participating in the tournament.  

“They’ve gone out of their way to help promote our event and promote Broken Arrow Youth Ranch, and I just can’t say enough about the executive of the Estevan Strippers Hockey Club and how they’ve helped so many charitable groups like ours over the years,” said Todd Moroz.   

He said to book your tickets in advance as they are hoping to fill the multi-purpose room at Affinity Place.  

“Please come prepared to have some fun and to bid on the outfits and to be really encouraged by our speaker Carson Shields, and not to mention the meal is going to be incredible. So please come out and enjoy,” Todd Moroz concluded.   

For tickets and more information call 1-306-266-2032 or text 1-306-640-8603