Events are already being planned out for Canada Day, set for Friday, with most towns holding some kind of recognition for the day.

But planning an event in the summer means that organizers had one big variable to worry about - whether or not they'd be rained out on the day they'd planned to celebrate.

As we get closer to the day the forecast is calling for dry conditions, just dodging two different systems bringing rain on adjacent days.

Natalie Hasell, a meteorologist from Environment Canada, describes the first system which is forecasted to peter out just before the holiday.

"We are expecting showers and thunderstorms through most of the day today in southern Saskatchewan. Into this evening we still have a chance of showers, and into the overnight period," said Hasel, "Another set of showers might be of concern tomorrow afternoon, so you'll have a bit of a break in the morning."

That's set to clear up overnight, leading into a Canada Day that is both sunny and warm, perfect for what's been planned in various communities.

"For July 1st, Canada Day is the one day in the first part of this forecast that right now does not look like it should have any showers at all," said Hasell, "Looking at a high of 25, with clear conditions."

Another storm will miss the day as Saturday is expected to feature more rain throughout the day.

Hasell also suggests that the storm may be a bit more intense depending on conditions in the lead-up to the weekend.

"For the rest of the weekend, we do see another system come through Saturday, most models are just going towards showers and maybe thunderstorms as well. In the Estevan area right now we only have a chance of showers in the forecast, but that wouldn't surprise me if that becomes a little bit more strongly worded as we get closer to Saturday."

Environment Canada reminds people to watch for weather alerts as the severe weather season is continuing.