A historic building and an important part of local agriculture was demolished earlier this week, with residents looking on in sadness.

The Grain Elevator in the small farming village of Carievale was used to store and load grains from farmer's grain trucks onto trains for sale across the country.

Now, the old building is being taken down, due to a combination of size issues and being unable to compete with competitors in the area.

The building was considered an important part of the community, and a cornerstone of business.

Gary Annetts, the mayor of CarieVale, says the community will see quite a loss with the elevator being demolished.

"It just means a loss of tax base for the community and one less business in town that we've lost now we lost a place where our local farmers could haul grain. now they just have to go to a bigger center or terminal," said Annetts.

Grain elevators can be seen in many small towns, as usually, it's the only building above a few stories.  Having the elevator not on the horizon will be different for Carievale. 

"Anytime an elevator goes down it's quite a loss for the community because there's just getting to be fewer and fewer landmarks in the province," said Annetts.

Annetts says that the likely reason it was demolished is that the elevator just can't handle modern agriculture.

"I think it's the sides of the facility not being able to handle the bigger semi-trucks that come in and competing in prices with the bigger in-land terminals," said Annetts.

"It's definitely gonna be different for the community. It's been up there for 44 years, now all of a sudden it's not there."