As the long weekend approaches some travel will be taking place across the southern border, whether people are looking to shop or visit American sights.

For many, it'll have been a while since they were able to head south during the long weekend, thanks to COVID regulations.

Though COVID may seem less of a concern, it is still an important part of the border crossing procedures.

Corporate chief for the Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan districts Scott Kienlan says that there's one part of COVID security that is particularly important.

"One of the main items I'd like to highlight for a travel tip is the use of the Arrivecan app. All travelers, regardless of their vaccination status, are required to submit their information using the ArriveCAN App. That submission is required 72 hours before entering Canada."

Those who are visiting the United States for less than 72 hours can send the information before they leave for a smoother experience getting back into Canada. Taking a screenshot of the ArriveCAN receipt can also help with that processing.

He also acknowledges that there may be some delays due to the new practices, and says they are working towards mitigating those. In the meantime, people can check ahead for those wait times online at the CBSA's website.

Kienlan recommends coming outside of peak hours, such as early in the morning or later in the evening. He also recommends going to their website to brush up on declaring items from over the border.

That includes one item that is actually not allowed to be brought back, thanks to a current outbreak.

"Currently, travelers may not bring raw poultry products from states affected by avian influenza. Those states that neighbour us right now are Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota," said Kienlan, "Any of those poultry products will be prohibited and not allowed to come back to Canada."

Kienlan says that travel seems to be getting back to what it once was before the pandemic, and this long weekend seems no different.

"Every week it seems like we are getting a little bit busier. We're getting closer to the pre-COVID levels with travelers, but we're not quite there yet. We are seeing an increase in travelers as the restrictions have changed over the past months and years, so it is getting a little bit busier."