The dog park at Hillside Park will be sticking around after a one-year trial period.

City council voted to allow the dog park to continue operating at their meeting Monday evening.

The park, located at 830 Henry Street, had been on a one-year trial since the fall of 2021.

According to a letter presented to city council, the city only received a couple of complaints about the park. There was one complaint about feces, and another about noise at the park and a concern for the safety of children.

"The park is operating on a use it properly or lose it basis," the letter stated. "Dog owners often clean up after each other which keeps the fecal issue to a manageable level. There has been a great deal of positive feedback on the dog park from dog park users."

Land Development Services and City Parks recommended that the trial period end and the park be allowed to continue to operate, and council agreed.