A report to Estevan city council Monday night showed a detailed breakdown of the service calls for the Estevan Fire Department in 2022.

The department received 16 calls for service in February, which included 12 motor vehicle accidents, two fires, one gas leak, and one false alarm.

Those calls costed the city about five thousand dollars in expenses, but also brought in nearly eight thousand dollars of revenue, mostly from the vehicle collisions.

In January, the fire department had 19 service calls, 10 of which were false alarms, which costed the city over two thousand dollars. January also had six motor vehicle accidents, and three fires. The city's fire expenses for January were roughly 75 hundred dollars, while the revenue totaled just over nine thousand dollars.

Year to date, the city is in the black with fire service calls. The expenses are just under 13 thousand dollars, while the revenue sits at about 17 thousand dollars.

A good chunk of the revenue came from the vehicle accidents, while some of the expenses were chalked up to training activities.