The City of Estevan has decided to rename a street in honour of the city's first ever police officer, S. Dryden.

The topic came up at an Estevan City Council meeting this past Monday, where council agreed to rename the service road that is adjacent to Souris Avenue, extending from Wellock Road to the north boundary of Estevan. It will be called Dryden Road in the future.

The city had been told that delivery drivers were having a difficult time locating exact addresses along that stretch, which warranted the change.

The city has also received support for the change from two of the landowners along that stretch.

Currently, the lots in that area either have a Souris Avenue N address or a Highway 47 N address. Those addresses will be changed once the name change is finalized and new signage is put up.

The city is expected to send a release out in the coming weeks.

S. Dryden was the first police officer to serve Estevan when it became a town in 1906.