The City of Estevan will not be repaying the Estevan Bruins for an SJHL game that was played at Affinity Place on Remembrance Day.

The topic came up at Monday's city council meeting where Councillor Tony Sernick said the Bruins had asked to be reimbursed for renting the ice on Nov. 11, which was a stat holiday. The rental fee totaled $1,000.

"The Bruins are aware that this falls outside the current agreement that we have between the Bruins and the City, but they asked because of the challenging Affinity Place schedule for this year," Sernick said. "They missed a game for the (Dallas Smith) concert, and obviously a few more events throughout the year here."

"It was booked on this day (Nov. 11) just because of the challenging schedule. They just ask for relief in this situation, and I would make the motion that we should grant it to them," Sernick said.

Councillor Rebecca Foord challenged the motion.

"They knew this game was happening and it states very clearly in their contract if there is a statutory holiday that they are to pay this fee, so why was this not asked for previously before this game actually happened," Foord asked.

"That I don't know," Sernick responded. "Again, it just seemed more along the lines that they would not have scheduled it on this day without the challenging schedule at Affinity Place this year."

The motion ended up with a 2:4 vote, with two councilors voting to repay the Bruins, while four were opposed.

Affinity Place is unavailable to the Bruins for a three-week period in January and February due to the Saskatchewan curling provincials, which are being hosted in Estevan.