An article was published to on Thursday saying the City of Estevan is applying for a $5 million grant through the Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenge. This article should not have been published, as it was an initiative from 2017. 

The article has been removed and DiscoverEstevan apologizes for the error. 

The City of Estevan provided the following release regarding the topic:

“The City of Estevan, along with its Economic Development Division and the Estevan Innovation Council, would like to clarify that its participation in the Smart Cities Challenge was based on a 2017 application process and was awarded to the town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia in 2019.

“Alternatively, the city’s current initiative with the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF), as announced previously by the Innovation Council, is a community assessment that would allow Estevan to build out long-term projects that will reap the most economic impact while being cost effective. The initiative aims to attract diverse technological business by ensuring that the community is business ready for a wide range of industries to call Estevan home.

“‘We already are a smart city with a team of employees and citizens ensuring we are all pulling in the same direction. We embrace new technology and identify those that will have a positive effect on our growth,’ said Rick Sadick, the City of Estevan’s economic development coordinator. ‘Agriculture, geothermal, renewable resources, research, and technology, solar and education are just a few of the projects we are working on collectively. The plan has never been to remain as is, but to grow our city and rural communities into a vibrant asset in Southeast Saskatchewan.’

“For more information about the Intelligent Communities Forum, please visit:”