Following the April 8 council meeting, the Concerned Citizens of Estevan submitted a petition for a referendum on the Downtown Revitalization Project. Tonight, the council voted to verify its validity, a key step in community engagement.

Greg Curtis, the representative of the Concerned Citizens delivered the 163-page petition to the City Clerk’s office on April 9. The council was made aware of the petition by email and the city solicitor was consulted in the matter. 

For the petition to move forward it requires signatures from 10 per cent of the population. According to Statistics Canada Estevan’s population is 10,851 which means the petition will need 1,085 valid signatures. Only voters of the city are considered eligible.

The council was asked to vote on the motion for the city clerk to check the sufficiency of the petition. The motion was carried. 

No further decisions will be made on the matter until the validity has been assessed. The city has 30 days from the date the petition was submitted.