A fight that was fought with grace and courage. Toby Keith passed away Monday night with his family at his side. Toby battled a form of stomach cancer also known as gastric cancer for 18 months, all while keeping his chin high and staying very positive.

Keith was so happy to get back in front of his fans and perform in late 2023. He had planned to do 2 shows in Vegas, but when each show was sold out in 2 minutes, he decided to do a third on December 14th. That show was sold out as well, and turned out to be his final performance.

Toby was known for his “stand up’ kind of guy attitude. He had no issues standing up for his own beliefs with record labels, other music artists, and for his own personal career which goes way back to his early days. He was very patriotic to his country in many ways, performing for the troops, supporting law enforcement agencies at his concerts and performing at the White House.

Toby Keith stood his ground on many occasions and managed to do things “his way” throughout his entire career. Toby’s latest single was “Don’t Let The Old Man In" a song that came from a quote from Clint Eastwood when he was asked “How do you do it every day?” Clint’s response was “I get up every day, and I don’t let the old man in.” Toby decided he was going to write the song right away, it took him 2 days.