Saskatchewan-made film Christmas Cowboy is premiering at the Orpheum Theater in Estevan toni

Director of the film Jeremey Drummond says the film was shot in the Cyprus Hill and Maple Creek area.

“The community was super awesome in terms of helping out, a lot of the town came out for one of the big scenes.”  

Over 200 extras were used to film the Christmas Market scene in the film.    

This was Drummond's first time directing a feature-length film. He made the switch after working in advertising and commercial work for the past 15 years.  

“Trilight Entertainment, Creative Saskatchewan, and Prince Films gave me the opportunity to direct this one and it went really well.”

Drummond hails from Regina and said that the Saskatchewan government has been working to strengthen the film industry within the province.  

“Without the help of Create Saskatchewan, we wouldn’t have been able to bring all that work and opportunity to the Maple Creek, Cyprus Hill Area.”  

He also notes the creative team, and his producer were a big part of why this film was a success.

The film is a Hallmark-style Christmas movie.

After being signed on to direct the movie he studied the genre and was pleasantly surprised at how many people were passionate about these kinds of films. 

"It's not the demographic you would think, there are a lot of people who admit that these are guilty pleasure films."

Drummond is now a fan of the genre himself. 

Christmas Cowboy is currently only available for streaming in the US and won't be played in Canada again until Christmas 2024. 

The film is premiering tonight, followed by a Q&A by Jeremey Drummond and Producer Jessica Watch. 

“I think it’s really exciting to have it premier in Saskatchewan, and what a cool and majestic theater.” 

You can catch Christmas Cowboy this weekend only, at the Orpheum Theater. 

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