From Bakersfield, California to the deepest parts of Texas, racers and fans flocked to the Estevan Motor Speedway last night for night 3 of the Dakota Classic Modified Tour. 

"The races were to be expected. The Estevan Motor Speedway has a top notch crew that provides a solid race track week in and week out by bringing the best modified and stock car drivers to the Estevan Motor Speedway. It only magnifies what this race track can do," shared Brandon Beeter, race director for the event.

The race saw 48 modified racers and 29 stock car racers battle it out in the only Canadian stop for the tour. It also featured some local talent from Estevan, Weyburn, Lampman, and Stoughton. "A lot of these guys are my friends. I'm up here every night that the races go on at Estevan. I know a lot of these drivers personally. They're a lot of my friends. To see them compete against the best drivers that we know of in the country, it's awesome to see. I give every driver a fist bump and a good luck before the feature and I know they appreciate it and I appreciate them doing it back," added Beeter. 

IMCA Modified Feature 

  • Winner - 11X Tom Berry Jr. - Marshalltown, IA
  • 2 - 111 Ethan Braaksma - Newton, IA
  • 3 - 12J Justin O'Brien - West Union, IA    
  • 4 - 99S Shawn Strand - Mandan, ND    
  • 5 - 5L Cody Laney - Torrance, CA
  • 6 - 10T Tyson Turnbull - Estevan, SK    
  • 7 - 4TW Tim Ward - Harcourt, IA    
  • 8 - 3B Eddie Belec - Arvada, CO
  • 9 - 11 Steven Pfeifer - Bowbells, ND    
  • 10 - 02S Kody Scholpp - Estevan, SK    

IMCA Stock Car Feature

  • Winner - 82 Shelby Williams - Bonham, TX    
  • 2 - 17 Austin Brands - Boyden, IA    
  • 3 - 8JS Cameron Starry - Corpus Christi, TX
  • 4 - 2 Kyle Scholpp - Lampman, SK    
  • 5 - 5M Zachary Madrid - Boone, IA    
  • 6 - 40 Rob VanMil - Barnesville, MN    
  • 7 - 21C Chase Davidson -Estevan, SK    
  • 8 - 92 Dan Mackenthun - Hamburg, MN    
  • 9 - 97 Hunter Domagala - Mandan, ND
  • 10 - 21 Gabriel Deschamp - Bottineau, ND    

Two more races are in store for the tour before the championship race on Thursday night. "You have 35 of the best stock car and modified drivers in the country, in the United States and Canada that are going to be visiting the race tracks at the Williston Basin Speedway. The next night, we're at the Southwest Speedway in Dickinson. Then, we wrap up at the Dacotah Speedway in Mandan. You're going to be able to watch what you want to see, which is great dirt track racing, put on by great drivers on great race tracks."