Estevan residents are gearing up for the much-anticipated Estevan Kinettes Christmas Marketplace, a festive tradition that has been running for an impressive 40 years.

Susan Colbow, a representative from the Estevan Kinette Club, joined SUN 102 for an interview to shed light on the history and significance of this annual event.

The Kinette Club assumed the event from the Quota Club 16 years ago, tracing its evolution from a modest inception to its current expansive scale that now requires two full halls to host over 70 vendors. 

"The growth has been tremendous. A few years ago, we had such a waiting list of people wanting to get in that we were wondering whether it would be worthwhile getting two halls," Colbow explained. The decision to expand proved successful, with the increased space attracting a diverse array of vendors and creating a bustling atmosphere for attendees.

However, the significance of the Estevan Kinettes Christmas Marketplace extends beyond providing a festive shopping experience. Colbow emphasized the event's philanthropic aspect, noting that all proceeds from the marketplace contribute to the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation. The Estevan Kinette Club's commitment to the hospital is underscored by a substantial donation of $65,000 to the maternity ward in 2017.

Estevan Kinette Club make a huge donation

Colbow shed light on the specific impact of these funds, stating, "They redid all of those rooms there for the moms and the dads who have to sit there. So we needed something to raise the funds for that. We decided that we were going to use the proceeds from the craft show every year towards our commitment to the hospital. So it will definitely help St. Joseph's."

For those eager to participate in this festive occasion, the Estevan Kinettes Christmas Marketplace offers an affordable and enjoyable experience. With a nominal $5 admission fee, attendees gain access to a plethora of vendors and a concession run by the cadets.

The marketplace is set to take place on Saturday, November 18, from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Wylie Mitchell Building and Exhibition Hall.

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