The Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation has released the tentative agreement which will be voted on by its membership.

That vote is set to come on May 29 and 30, following a tentative agreement which was rejected earlier this month.

STF President Samatha Becotte said that "The STF Executive believes this tentative agreement makes important steps forward on the most pressing issues facing Saskatchewan teachers, students, and families – including class complexity.”

The terms are as follows:

Term of the Tentative Agreement

• Three-year term, from September 1, 2023, to August 31, 2026.

Classroom Complexity

• An Accountability Framework will be signed by the STF, government, and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association and attached to the Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

        -      This will provide transparency and teacher voice on school divisions’ allocation of funding meant for classroom supports.

• An additional $18 million per year to address classroom complexity will be added to the Multi-Year Funding Agreement (MFA) that was signed by government and SSBA and referenced in the above-mentioned MOU. 

• Creation of the Minister’s Task Force on Classroom Complexity, which will be attached to the PCBA as a Letter of Understanding (LOU). The Task Force will be comprised of teachers, students, and parents. The STF is pleased to have bargained an opportunity that affords teachers, parents, and students a voice on their experiences with the underfunding of public schools and to share the challenges of classroom complexity.

        -      A final report, including solutions, will be presented to the Minister and is intended to ensure direct input from those who deliver education and experience learning.

• A policy table on violence-free classrooms will be established, with terms attached to the PCBA as an LOU.

       -       The table will be chaired by the Ministry of Education and include representatives from the STF and SSBA. o It will determine the scope of the issue, definitions, data collection, and a reporting schedule.


• 2023-24: 3 per cent

• 2024-25: 3 per cent

• 2025-26: 2 per cent


The tentative agreement also includes provisions on the Supplemental Employment Benefits Plan, grievance procedures, principals and vice-principals, and a Truth and Reconciliation preamble.