Estevan Comprehensive School had an impressive showing as fifteen athletes participated in the Provincial Track and Field Meet in Saskatoon over the weekend.

Head coach Braden MacLean praised the athletes' performance, noting that six of the fifteen finished in the top eight of their events. 

Among the top finishers, Truman Ciepliski and Kimmie Zepeda secured bronze in a relay event. Ciepliski also placed sixth in the junior boys' quadrathlon.

Cameron Milbrandt finished fourth in the intermediate boys' discus, while Adeon Sullivan earned fifth in the high jump, he also placed sixth in the 3000 meters, 1500 meters, and 800 meters races. Jayden Durr placed seventh in the relay team, and Andrew Min finished eighth in the triple jump.

ECS track team

The provincial meet concluded the track and field season for the year. MacLean highlighted that eleven of the fifteen athletes have signed up for the Saskatchewan Summer Games and are likely to join the South East District team.

“They get another month and a half of training and practice, and they'll have access to some excellent coaches,” said MacLean. “Participating in the Summer Games is a valuable experience, and I believe some of them have a real chance to win awards.”