The Estevan Legion is looking at a staff update as some people are switching around their roles.

Captain Danielle Fleury, the previous Commanding Officer for the Estevan Air Cadets, will be changing her position.

She explains what her old duties were and what she'll be doing now as a Training Officer.

"In 2010, I became the commanding officer for this squadron. So it's kind of equivalent to like a principal of a school. So as a CO, you're kind of in charge of everything, overseeing all the supervision, planning, all the activities, and making sure that the cadets are safe and that they're learning in a fun and interactive environment. Now, as the training officer, I equate it to kind of being like a teacher, where I just implement the training that is planned. 

Newly stepping into the role of Commanding Officer will be Captain Connie Hagel, who says she's thrilled to be in the role.

"Well, I'm excited to be the new commanding officer. Danielle has been there for quite a while. I have some pretty big shoes to fill, but I'm sure with her guidance and help, I can be the best that she was overall."

"I've had a great 13 years doing the commanding officer role and I am sure that Captain Hagel is going to fill my set steps very well. She's quite excited about the role and I'm excited for her to take over and see where this squadron is going to go." 

Fleury is hoping that this year they're able to get into the community more.

"We want to be more interactive in the Community again now that COVID protocols are released, we'll hopefully be able to do some more activities with other squadrons, maybe from Oxbow, Moosomin, Moose Jaw, and the other Estevan Army Cadet Squadron. Hopefully, we can get out and about and do more activities."