One Estevan-born filmmaker could be taking home an award soon as two of his movies have been nominated at the Yorkton Film Festival.

Curtis McGillivray directed and produced Together Forever In The Clouds, which is nominated for the Ruth Shaw award, and The Moose Whisperer, nominated in the Community Television Productions category.

He runs Prairie View Productions, which was responsible for both those programs and many others.

He says that the awards are a great place to watch other filmmakers' efforts while also connecting with them.

"Yorkton Film Festival is actually one of the oldest film festivals in Canada, which is really neat to be in Saskatchewan. It's a great place where it usually takes place over multiple days. During those days, you can see live in-person screenings of a lot of the films that are nominated and involved with the festival, there's great networking opportunities, there's social involvement with other filmmakers."

While McGillivray is glad to have some time to enjoy his previous work, he's already thinking of what's next.

"One thing about filmmaking is that you're always celebrating the projects that you've finished making but you're also usually always moving onto what's next. For me, you know, I'm really interested in continuing to make the short documentaries I'm making."

That'll include one of his potentially award-winning works, which he hopes to grow further with more episodes.

"This year we're actually going to be filming two full-length, 40-60 minute episodes of The Moose Whisperer where we're really going to start growing on that concept and start pushing it to its limits by traveling around Saskatchewan," said McGillivray, "Learning about animals from different regions, and really trying to develop it into a more finalized and refined tv show.