The Estevan City Council had a shorter meeting in their second of the year, but still found time to get things done.

That started with a motion to pass the budget for 2022, which had been previously released to the public during the last meeting.

The two weeks time between meetings was meant to let citizens voice their opinions on the new budget.

According to Mayor Roy Ludwig, he never received calls from anyone with critiques for the budget.

"Usually we all get the odd phone call," said Ludwig, "It's been fairly quiet, anything that I've heard has been positive. Can't speak to the rest of the council, what you've all heard, but I guess if you have heard anything negative you'll come forward.'

None of the councilors had heard anything negative, so the budget passed smoothly and was adopted for 2022.

After some monthly fire reports and a consolidation proposal, the council then moved on to 2022's zoning bylaw.

To answer questions about the bylaw, which would affect zoning in Estevan, land development's Richard Neufeld was present.

He said that he's looking to give info to the public to get their feedback, similar to the budget.

"What I'm looking for is if it can be accepted for information so I can go public with the document. Because of COVID issues, probably going to have a situation where It's going to be one on one meetings in my office by appointment," said Neufeld, "Or if it's a group meeting it'll be at another person's lace rather than city hall."

"At a future council meeting, we would have a new document with the changes incorporated into it that you would consider for first reading and then we start that process."

That zoning bylaw will likely be a topic of discussion at the next council meeting, on February 14th.