Estevan City crews are continuing their work in clearing off the local streets, following a pair of intense snowfalls over the past couple of weeks.

The start of the last week, as well as Christmas day, both saw snowfalls that fell in the double digits, between the 10-20 centimeter marks.

That's resulted in a lot of work for the crews responsible for cleaning streets, with plows and other equipment helping to clear out all the roadways.

Roads and Drainage Manager Norm Mack says that the crews have been on the streets dealing with the second snowfall.

"We dispatched our equipment at 4 o clock in the morning on Christmas morning and opened up some streets again. Right now, we've got all of our main arteries grated and blown off, and now we'll be working on our priority 2s, with the collector streets and the residential streets."

They're hoping to get a bit of help from people in town so that the operation can happen quickly and safely.

"Right now, we're in the process of cleaning residential streets and we just urge all residents of the city of Estevan that if they do have cars parked on the street, If they could, put their cars in the driveway if they have a driveway," said Mack, "That would just be safer for our operators and make the job go a little bit faster."

 Mack also thanked everyone for their patience and help, estimating that the work would continue for a few more days.