Excitement is building in Estevan as families eagerly anticipate a unique encounter with reptiles this Saturday, March 16, at the Spruce Ridge School gym. Thanks to the Estevan Early Years Family Resource Center, Wrangler Elisa and her team from Adventure Anglers will be hosting an unforgettable reptile show, promising both entertainment and education for attendees of all ages.

Wrangler Elisa, the driving force behind Adventure Anglers, emphasizes the importance of this event for families in Estevan. "We're going to be doing an exhibit as well as a show while we are there," she explains. "During our exhibit, you can come and meet them, learn a little bit about them, ask our handlers or myself and my husband about them."

The hands-on encounter with these fascinating creatures serves as a platform for learning about reptiles and their significance in our ecosystem. Many of the animals showcased during the event are not only educational tools but also beloved members of Elisa's family. "We are a family-run business," she shares. "So a lot of the animals that you're meeting are actually our pets at home as well and have been rescued and rehabilitated."

Wrangler Elisa educating the youth about slithery snakesWrangler Elisa educating the youth about slithery snakes

One of the central messages of the show is conservation through education. Wrangler Elisa believes it's crucial to instill in children an appreciation for wildlife and the importance of preserving natural habitats. "Even if this animal does not come from our environment, we still have animals in our environment that we should protect and take care of," she stresses.

The adventure promises to be both informative and entertaining, with a diverse array of reptiles making appearances. From snakes and lizards to turtles, tortoises, and even a tarantula, attendees will have the opportunity to meet and interact with these fascinating creatures. However, Wrangler Elisa notes that the exact lineup of animals may vary depending on their mood and condition on the day of the show.

Admission to the event is free with a family ticket, which can be obtained from the Estevan Early Years Family Resource Center during drop-in play sessions or programs. Exhibition hours are scheduled from 12:30 to 4:30 PM, with the highlight of the day being the reptile show at 3:30 PM.

For those eager to learn more about Adventure Anglers and their mission to educate about reptiles, Wrangler Elisa directs them to the organization's website, www.saskreptileshows.ca. Adventure Anglers tours across Saskatchewan and into neighbouring provinces, spreading awareness about reptiles and their care needs, as well as advocating for wildlife conservation.

As the event draws near, Wrangler Elisa expresses her excitement, saying, "We will see you Saturday. We look forward to it." With the promise of an engaging and educational experience, families in Estevan are gearing up for a reptile adventure like no other.

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