The Estevan Strippers Hockey Club asked the city council for support for their 40th Annual Spring Bust Hockey Tournament in the most recent council meeting.  

The event will be held from April 3-7, bringing in 40 teams from around the area.  

The club looked to the council to secure the curling rink as a beer garden and event center for the tournament and the approval of a special event permit to obtain a liquor license. 

In a second piece of correspondence, the club requested that the council waive the rental fee for the curling rink. The letter explained that due to the tournament's size, they would need to rent three rinks to host the 60 scheduled games. 

“So, what they are requesting is a discount, actually waiving the fees for the curling rink, they do all the work, we just drop off tables and chairs and they have a work fee, and they set everything up. They sweep their floor after every night,” said Erin Wilson, Leisure Services Manager.  

The letter stated that last year the cost of Affinity and the Power Dodge rinks cost the Strippers $11,500 and the Bienfait ice cost almost $4000. 

It also noted that the previous year 14 of 36 teams booked rooms at local hotels, while other patrons also stayed following the Saturday night Cabaret. They highlighted that it would be good for local business, with an influx of people taking in local shops and restaurants during their stay in Estevan.  

Other costs associated with the event are $5000 for security for both days at the beer garden as well as the Cabarets. The Strippers are also working with Baker Hughes Oil Company to provide free rides home from Thursday-Saturday. 

They explained that having the curling rink fee waived would help alleviate the cost of running the event. The Strippers highlighted that they are quite active in the community supporting nonprofit organizations. Including $2000 annually to sponsor parent-tot skating and donating $230,000 cumulatively since 1997.  

Councillor Shelly Veroba said that she was in support of the motion to waive the rental fee, because of the work the club does in the community. 

“I think it's wonderful that we're still actually making ice rental off of them for the whole entire tournament. The hotels, the restaurants, shopping, there's going to be some backing on the benefit for sure. Every year we're going to have the tournament. So I will second that motion,” said Veroba.  

The council agreed to waive the rental fee for the curling rink and passed the motion for the special events permit.