Fog and frizzing drizzle that have combined to wreak havoc on Estevan city streets and highways are expected to stick around for at least a few more days, according to Environment Canada.

Meteorologist Terri Lang said the lack of any new weather pattern is causing the prolonged dreary conditions.

"It's certainly happening all over the province and it looks like it's going to continue into the foreseeable future just because there aren't any big weather systems coming along to change the pattern at all," Lang said. "Especially in the morning times when the fog is usually at its thickest, and that's when the freezing drizzle sort of comes out of the clouds."

"Freezing drizzle, all you need is some thick fog, and we've certainly had that over the last little while."

Lang also warned of treacherous road conditions.

"It's freezing on to the road because the road is below freezing temperatures," she said. "Where as the drizzle is still liquid so as soon as it freezes on to the road, that's how it makes for that layer of ice. Folks should be aware of that and checking that Highway Hotline before heading out and being prepared for those really slippery conditions."

Lang said their models indicate that the rest of January will see even more mostly mild temperatures that are above seasonal.

"Again, it's that lack of weather pattern that's going on...we're not seeing an influx of any big push of artic air, and we're not seeing really mild temperatures above freezing or anything like that pushing in. We're sort of in that in-between scenario," she said. "And when we have a lot of fog and a lot of low cloud, it makes for very moderate conditions. We don't see a lot of fluctuation in temperature from night to day."

"I like to look at a overall weather pattern map because it shows whether (or not) there's a big push of arctic air coming in, and I can't see that even out to 10 days (from now), so I think just sort of more of the same."