A former Estevan golfer got a big win this week as he got his first college win.

Chase Gedak came in first place at the Marauders Fall Invitational and Chase played on Tuesday.

He plays for the Minot State Beavers team, being joined by some others from his school.

Gedak says that the win was a big milestone for his continuing college golf career.

"It feels good. This is my 4th year in college golf, so I mean, this is my first year at this school. So the goal is to kind of get that first college win and it was nice to get that done in the fall semester and get that out of the way and get over that hump so hopefully I can win some more now coming into the spring semester."

The competition was intense, with Gedak having to come back from an early offset. 

"I played with the guy that was leading, so he shot 4 under in the first round and I shot one over. So I slid back by the end of the day, so I knew I had a lot of shots to make up. I got off to a good start, I was four under through 10 and he got off to a bit of a rough start, so I knew I had been a push-in, but I played about as good as I could have in that win that day, so I'm pretty happy with it overall."

Gedak is hoping to get some more wins as he's continuing his schooling at Minot State. 

"I got about a year and a half of school left, but I've two years of eligibility for golf, so I'm going to I'm going to try to play that through both years of eligibility. Then once I'm done I kind of want to start up a sports agency to help connect kids with college scholarships, find them their perfect location, and just kind of enjoy their college life. That's kind of the goal once I'm done but I'll golf for two more years before I get into that."

Gedak has one more tournament for the fall semester which is scheduled for next week.

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