The Energy City Ex is coming back for another year and it's promising to be bigger than ever before. However, the organizers need your help to make it another successful year - for free! 

"We are always searching for volunteers. We need volunteer workers at the gates right now. I think [for] Friday, our time slots are filling up, but Saturday and Sunday are always kind of tough. Sunday is Father's Day so we can understand that. With every volunteer shift you get into the gate for free, so that's an added bonus," shared Crystal Ross, the president of the Estevan Exhibition Association. 

Ross added that there are other volunteer opportunities for rodeo and post-event clean up. The EEA is also asking the community for volunteers to help get the exhibition grounds ready tomorrow. Volunteers are asked to meet at the Wylie Mitchel Hall at 9 am Saturday morning for a work bee. 

"Volunteers make the community events in the city come alive. Without volunteers, these events can't happen. So, having those people present, [and] contributing to the community events, it makes you feel good when you can give back to the communities. For those people that are really wanting these events to come, it's a great opportunity to train our next generation what giving back to our communities look like and, like I said, it makes our community go around." -EEA President Crystal Ross on what volunteering in the community means to her. 

For Ross' part, she mentioned that finding one thing she's most excited about for the Energy City Ex is a loaded question. 

"Oh my goodness, I can't tell you that there's one most exciting thing. For me, I love the whole package deal; people that come to the fair last year said 'It is just like being a kid again!' because we brought everything back together - so I don't have a favorite. My favorite part is just seeing the faces of the kids that are coming through that gate. It's the people. It's not really the event itself, it's the people, the excitement and the smiles."

For everyone considering volunteering their time, you can check out the Estevan Exhibition Association Facebook page or email the team at