Saturday is Hockey Day in Canada, in the southeast it's Minor Hockey Day, as local hockey players gear up and hit the ice. 

Alameda, Carlyle, Lampman, and Wawota are hosting Minor Hockey Days to bring support to their local arenas.  

Alameda Minor Hockey Vice President, Vanessa Oldhaver said that Hockey Day is an annual event to recognize local hockey teams.  

“All the teams registered with Alameda Hockey come out, they play a game, and raise funds to go towards the community rink.”  

Oldhaver said, that the Alameda rink is run fully by volunteers. 

In Alameda, all four age groups will play an out-of-town team. 

Lampman Minor Sports Co-Vice President, Kendra Lee, said that Hockey Day brings teams from all age groups to the rink. It is also a way to support the community.  

“We’ve got a big raffle table set up," said Lee. “Our rink kitchen is open, and they do special every year.” 

Hockey Day in Lampman is working with the soon-to-open Little Leapers Daycare who will be doing some fundraising throughout the event. 

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