The Estevan Police Service charged two men with a Thursday-morning theft from a business in the industrial area, and are looking for another in connection with a similar instance from last weekend.

Police announced Thursday morning that they arrested two men after a red car was spotted around 3 a.m. heading into the industrial area. They were caught stealing a catalytic converter. The car was the same one caught on camera from a copper theft in the early morning of September 17.

Police announced on Friday morning that 48-year-old Justin Jackson of Regina and 48-year-old Roland Roberge of Southey were charged with theft under $5,000 and unlawful possession of break-in tools.

Jackson was charged with another count of theft under $5,000 for his role in the September 17 copper theft. Sgt. Tyler McMillen said he was with another accomplice then. Police are investigating to find out who that was.

McMillen said they confessed to selling the copper through a salvage in Regina.

"That won't be recovered," said McMillen. "We'll look at adding restitution, things like that, if they are convicted in the court of law."

Police in Saskatchewan have reported a large increase in the thefts of catalytic converters over the last couple years. Thieves can cut them from cars within minutes. And the price of precious metals inside those converters - platinum, palladium, and rhodium - has increased.

"When you see the reports from the larger cities - the Reginas, Saskatoons - right up through Lloydminster and Edmonton, I think over the years they've been highly targetted," said McMillen. "Obviously we're not immune in this area, so everybody just needs to be aware."

He recommended setting up video surveillance or some other kind of security system, and reporting any suspicious activity.

Other methods to stave off thieves include locking your vehicle in a garage or keeping it in a well-lit, visible area.