The Networking on the Green golf tournament is in the books for another year and Jackie Wall with the Estevan Chamber of Commerce was extremely pleased with this year's event.

"It was a fantastic day. We had great weather once again. We had a full golf course," Wall said. "And I had great feedback from the businesses that were actually sitting at their hole. We had all the holes sponsored, but we almost had a hospitality event at every hole."

"So that was just spectacular to see so many people come out to golf, but then also so many businesses coming out to network and to meet with the golfers."

Wall added that the event, which took place last Thursday at Woodlawn Golf Club, is a great way for businesses and their employees to shed their regular routine for a day and make valuable connections outside of the workplace.

"Honestly I think it's vital," she said. "You need to be at your place of business and working with your clients as much as possible, but you also have to consider that you need to get out in the community, meet new people, talk to other business people, and form those connections. And sometimes those are best formed under kind of a casual and fun day."

"The thing that a lot of people forget is, you might have somebody in another totally different industry from you, but you can still learn a lot from them as to how they're operating their business within their industry."

Networking on the Green winnersThe winning foursome consisted of (left to right) Jeff Lenard, Lane Raidel, Devan Rowley, & Jarad Buick. (Photo supplied by the Estevan Chamber of Commerce)

There were 72 golfers registered. Wall said they probably could have had more golfers, but that they ran out of golf carts. She said there were business people on 14 or 15 of the holes, and roughly another 30 business people on an around the course. Overall, Wall estimated that they had over 100 people involved in total.

"It's one of the highlights for a lot of people during the year," Wall said.

With the tournament wrapped up, Wall said the Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to another networking event this fall, called Coffee Talk.

"There are businesses that have met at Coffee Talk and have done promotions together, or have just sat down and talked about 'what are you doing with your business, is there some best practices that we can use with ours,'" Wall said.

Coffee Talk is scheduled for Sept. 7.