Lindsay Arnold, a talented artist from North Portal, Saskatchewan, is basking in the glory of a remarkable weekend, having secured the Music Video of the Year award at both the SaskMusic Awards and, earlier last week, at the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards on November 26th. During an exclusive interview on SUN 102, Lindsay graciously shared insights into her creative journey and the well-deserved recognition her work has garnered.

The journey to these accolades began earlier this month when Lindsay's nomination for the Saskatchewan Music Award for Best Music Video of the Year was announced. Reflecting on the genesis of the award-winning music video, Lindsay explained, "Well, I was approached by the artist Alexis Normand to create a music video for her. She had an album coming out, which is out now, and she had a song called 'Tous les matins,' which is about being at the cabin with family that she wanted a music video created for. So I made a little stop-motion video for her."

The video, characterized by its unique stop-motion technique, marked a departure from Arnold's previous works. "I made videos for our band Hook and Nail and, of course, for my own work with Last Birds. But this one is special because it was the first music video I've created that was stop motion, so it was really, really fun to make," she shared.

Arnold's stop-motion masterpiece secured the Music Video of the Year award at the Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards. Arnold expressed her surprise, saying, "I was blown away to win Music Video of the Year because I just, you know, I just wasn't expecting it at all."

With the momentum of the Independent Film Award, Arnold's success continued at the Saskatchewan Music Awards in Saskatoon over the weekend. In an unexpected turn, the SaskMusic Award for Video of the Year resulted in a tie. "Again, I can't believe it, but I think people who make videos or films understand how much work goes into stop motion. So I think that may have tipped the scale a little bit," remarked Arnold. In a gracious acknowledgment of the shared victory, Arnold added, "I want to say congratulations to Katie Tupper and her team. It was a dual win for the SaskMusic Award for Video of the Year, so I just wanted to say Congrats to them."

Looking ahead, Arnold embraces the dynamic nature of artistic pursuits. "One thing about being an artist is that you have to diversify. So, you know, I'll just see what opportunities come my way, and if it works for me, well then I'll take it," she shared.

To follow Lindsay Arnold's artistic journey and explore more of her creations, you can connect with her online. For updates and a glimpse into her portfolio, visit and follow her on Facebook.

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