With the Estevan United Way’s Day of Caring approaching on May 29, Co-chair Shelly Veroba stresses the importance of community involvement in this annual initiative aimed at assisting those in need.

In an interview on SUN 102,  Veroba emphasized the urgency in spreading awareness about the Day of Caring, stating, "It's very important to get the word out there." She encouraged individuals to engage either as volunteers or by submitting projects, highlighting the project information form now available on the United Way Estevan website or at their office as the key starting point for participation.

"We really encourage people, if they're even just wondering about it, to just call the Estevan United Way office and inquire about how to get involved," Veroba added.

Discussing the nature of projects undertaken, Veroba highlighted the diverse tasks aimed at aiding individuals who are unable to accomplish certain tasks on their own. "We mostly do things that people just can't do for themselves," she explained, citing yard work for seniors and cleaning tasks as common examples.

Veroba also expressed gratitude towards local businesses that actively participate in the event, allowing employees to volunteer their time. "We have so many businesses in Estevan that actually encourage their staff to come forward and volunteer," she noted.

Regarding the sign-up deadline, Veroba clarified that both volunteers and project submissions have until May 15 to register. While volunteers can be accommodated until the event day, timely project submissions are crucial for organizing resources effectively.

To access further information about the Day of Caring, Veroba directed individuals to the United Way Estevan's Facebook page, website, or by contacting United Way Estevan by phone at (306) 634-7375 .