The Canadian Junior Hockey League announced Friday afternoon that neck guards are now mandatory for all on-ice activities. This applies to all of its member leagues, including the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Its nine member leagues unanimously approved the decision.

The Weyburn Red Wings are going to start using neck guards, and the equipment could become mandatory across the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

This comes after American hockey player Adam Johnson died on Saturday after taking a skate to the neck during a game in the English Ice Hockey Association.

The Canadian Junior Hockey League issued the following statement on Thursday:

"The CJHL Board of Governors has presently tabled a Member’s Motion for the mandatory use of certified neck guards as protection for all on-ice activities, which will be brought forward during the CJHL’s semi-Annual General Meeting, that will be held Tuesday, November 14, 2023.

"The CJHL currently has five of nine CJHL-member leagues who already have mandatory certified neck guard policies in place with additional members presently in discussions, at their respective league level, to determine additional Mandatory Neck Guard guidelines and procedures prior to the CJHL semi-AGM.

"In addition, the CJHL Leagues with mandatory neck guard protections have or are in the process of sending directives to their teams and officials to reinforce 100% compliance of their neck guard policy and rules in place."

The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League is not one of the five member leagues requiring neck guards for on-ice activities.

The Red Wings posted on X (formerly Twitter) that they were already using Kevlar cut-resistant shirts, and will start using neck protection.

Neck guards are required beginning Friday in the Western Hockey League, with an exception for teams waiting for equipment to arrive.

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