McHappy day was the fundraiser of choice for the McDonald's in Estevan on May 11, with a good amount raised at $4,780.75.

That money goes towards a nearby Ronald McDonald House and it's been a part of the Estevan McDonalds for many years.

While the Day is normally held around this time, there was one back in September as they weren't able to hold the event during the pandemic.

Owner and operator Christine Jenich says that the reception from the event was absolutely 

"It was a great success yesterday. Definitely wanted to thank our staff and the community for a great day. Even though it was raining, they came out in full force and it was awesome."

"We were very busy through the drive-through and then also in the restaurant."

By comparison, the McHappy Day in September raised $4,056, and that was in ideal weather.

Jenich says that they've been doing better and better since the start of the pandemic in most business aspects.

"We have seen an increase, not only with people coming in through the restaurant but also in sales since the pandemic."

We were also there as well, with Macie from Sun 102 joining in to report live from the location.