Amidst the bustling City of Estevan, a program quietly stands as a lifeline for homebound individuals.

Meals on Wheels (MOW), an integral part of Estevan's Home Care services, delivers hot, nutritious meals to individuals throughout the year, promoting health and well-being within the comfort of their homes. In a recent interview on SUN 102 with Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Augey from the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Estevan, the transformative power of this program comes to light.

"In addition to the meal, volunteers also provide a vital connection to the outside world for people who are largely confined to their homes due to declining health or advancing age," emphasized Augey, highlighting the human touch volunteers bring to the service. "By providing a smile, a kind word, and a brief interaction with the client, volunteers have the ability to make a real positive difference in their days."

Augey underscored the diverse range of volunteers needed to sustain this essential service. "We are looking for businesses, organizations, service groups, churches, families, couples, and individuals. Many groups and businesses join as part of their commitment to community service," she explained, underscoring the community-driven nature of the Meals on Wheels program.

Volunteers play a crucial role in the MOW program, acting as a bridge between the kitchen and the homes of those in need. "Volunteers pick up the meals at St. Joseph’s Hospital and deliver them to homes throughout Estevan," Augey detailed. The commitment is flexible, varying between 7-13 meals per route each day, taking about an hour to complete. This flexibility ensures volunteers can contribute based on their availability.

Volunteers across the province have shared their stories about how good it feels to be supporting fellow community members. The many benefits include feeling good by doing good, meeting new people, and having new experiences. For students, volunteering is a way to obtain class credits and build their resumes and references.

For those interested in becoming a Meals on Wheels volunteer, Augey outlined a straightforward process. "There is a registration and screening process with an online application. If computers are not your thing, there are many ways we can work together to bring individuals on board," she assured. The screening process adheres to national standards of practice, ensuring the well-being of both those in their care and the volunteers themselves.

To get involved, individuals should contact the Estevan Home Care office at 306-637-3630 or visit the Saskatchewan Health Authority website for volunteering opportunities. Additionally, inquiries can be directed to

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