Growing up as a skilled and dedicated athlete, Megan LeBlanc began her interest in the fitness industry at a young age.

Her journey began with her passion for hockey. Through training, she developed a curiosity for athlete development. 

In her pursuit, her accomplishments led her to Edmonton AB, where she began school for personal training. 

In those four years, she had opportunities to train professional hockey players and other high-level athletes. 

LeBlanc's heart led her home as she brought back what she learned to the supportive community of Estevan. She established her own fitness company offering personal training programs for any sport. Her business specializes in one-on-one, small group, or partner training and weight loss.

"My favourite part about being in the fitness industry is it's such a rewarding job. I get to work with people every day on bettering themselves and its such an amazing environment when you get to be around that constantly. you can look back after a couple months or however long it takes and see the transformation, progress, and difference you made to help people change their lives."