18.4 million dollars has been committed by the Government of Saskatchewan to provide 112 new education and training opportunities for health professionals.

13.1 million will be provided annually to increase the number of training opportunities for physicians by 16. In addition, 5.3 million will be provided to boost nursing and medical diagnostic professionals by 96.

This investment is made to ensure that there are an adequate number of health care providers for Saskatchewan residents along with a recruitment and retention initiative plan. This will allow Saskatchewan to remain competitive with other province's in the health care field and will allow adequate numbers of health care professionals for Saskatchewan residents.

Len Taylor, Saskatchewan Minister of Health explains that as more students graduate, there will be filled vacancies within the province, improving access for all residents of Saskatchewan.

In a recent follow up survey of 2005 post secondary graduates, 86.1 per cent of graduates from health care related programs have remained in Saskatchewan.