The latest job numbers from Statistics Canada show that the Regina-Moose Mountain economic region had the unemployment rate fall in May. Across the whole region, which includes Regina, Weyburn and Estevan, there were 600 more people working. This made the unemployment rate slip from 5.9 to 5.6 percent. 

Outside of Regina, however, things were quite different. The provincial capital had 1700 more people working in May compared to April. This meant outside of Regina, the number of people who were working was down by 1100.  

Provincially, the unemployment rate fell substantially, going from 5.5 percent to 4.8 percent. With the drop, Saskatchewan now has the fourth-lowest unemployment rate in the province.  

Nationally, the unemployment rate slipped from 5.2 to 5.1 percent. This is the lowest unemployment rate recorded in the country since 1976 when comparable records started being kept.