With the long weekend on the horizon, people will be looking to get out into the great outdoors, after long stretches of adverse weather.

Camping is often one of those activities, and Moose Mountain provincial park is ready to host campers in the southeast.

They're currently preparing a lot of different activities after having to put in a lot of work to clean up the campgrounds.

Kim Brown, Moose Mountain's park manager, says that they've got a good amount of people signed up already, but are keeping an eye on the weather.

"Tomorrow is opening day for Moose mountain provincial park. We're looking like we're at about 40% capacity so far, but again we're totally weather dependent."

Some of the items coming in this weekend include:

  • A Carlyle RV & Leisure show from May 20-22
  • Their golf course opens, with a new menu at Club 19
  • Allison Grocery Store opens up on Friday
  • Park programming on Saturday includes "Crafty Campers" at 2 PM and "Evening Embers" at 7 PM.

Brown also reminds people that the alcohol and cannabis ban will still be in effect in all campground and picnic areas. That will not affect cottages, rental cabins, and businesses serving liquor in the park.

The park has righted itself in just half a month, as snow and rain were accumulating pretty heavily.

"It's been kind of a waiting game. Up until two weeks ago, we've had snow pretty much up to my knee and rain pretty much every day," said Brown, "It seems like whenever the sun comes out it seems to dry things up pretty quickly, so we've been lucky. Maintenance has been working hard trying to get this park up and running and we will be ready for our opening day, for sure."

Brown says she's excited for the upcoming weekend and expects to see a lot of people at the park.

"I think cottagers are eager to get to their cabin, get it opened up and  campers are eager to come and live the simple life and enjoy nature, so we're excited for this weekend even though mother nature might not be the kindest, but it'll be just nice to get out into the parks again."