With the long weekend here, campers are making their way to Moose Mountain to experience some southeast camping.

The park officially opened its gates for the season on Thursday and is now looking to accept a busy crowd over the weekend.

Park Manager Kim Brown says the park still has slots open as the weekend is starting up.

"Long weekend, we're looking at probably about 55% capacity at this point, but May long weekend is kind of weather dependent, so people kind of last-minute book. So yeah, we're hoping to have a great successful opening weekend for sure. We have our commercial stores open. So we have all of your grocery needs, we have Masters mini golf will be open, and Kennosee Inn still has availability for cabin rentals as well."

"We're also pleased to offer that Kenossee Lake Outdoor Rentals will also be offering kayak and canoe rentals if you feel inclined to hit the water this season, for sure. We also have our fishing docks in and our boat launch in."

If people do hit the water this weekend they're reminded to watch for any invasive species to keep Saskatchewan waterways safe.

"Just a friendly reminder that if you're planning on taking your boat out of the province or moving your boat between waterways, we ask that you clean, drain, and dry to help protect Saskatchewan waterways from harmful invasive species."

Even though the week has seen rain pouring down over the southeast, Brown says that the campground is in a good state for the weekend.

"For how much rain we've actually received, it was well received, and so therefore our sites are fairly dry and you know the trees are starting to bud and everything is very green and lush, so it's a really beautiful time in the parks right now."