On February 2nd of this year, the Federal Government introduced new legislation for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), that would extend the delay of eligibility where a person's only underlying medical condition is a mental illness, for one more year, until March 17th, 2024.

Dr. Robert Kitchen, MP for Souris-Moose Mountain, further elaborated that there was a clause in there that needed to be addressed by a certain date and that legislation needs to be put forward.

"In fact, that legislation, that part that the Minister has just put forward, my understanding is it will be debated next week on that aspect," Kitchen said, "and basically the legislation that they put forward is a very small, short amount which just changes and extends the date for them to do discussions on this issue." 

Kitchen went on to say that the Federal Government "didn't listen from day one on the issue."

"This instance of MAiD Legislation, there was a lot of discussion about how dangerous it was, rushing and not listening, ignoring the voices of the most vulnerable. So by extending it, they've now given themselves another year before it has to be totally finished." 

He said it's been bad legislation right from the start.

"In particular, as we deal with those that are so vulnerable and those including mental illness and mature minor provisions, those issues, when you have the heads of psychiatry departments and 17 medical schools, they've raised these issues and concerns about this legislation."

"We've also, as my colleagues, have raised how dangerous and flawed this legislation is from the beginning, and so when you have those people doing it, it's unfortunate that they just aren't listening."

Kitchen added that he's waiting to see what will come next week as we move forward.

"What I can say is that some of my colleagues that are on committee and dealing with the committee on this issue, have been very precise and looking at the science and making certain that everything is being followed. So I look forward to hearing from them as we move forward along those lines."