Following the Centennial Cup and the good amount of revenue that came with it, the city is now looking where the money can go towards.

A change in the score clock at Affinity Place had been previously discussed and now the city is moving forward on those plans.

The committee that was in attendance said they're about two weeks out from determining a final amount as to how much was raised from the centennial cup for the new score clock from profits but put the final number somewhere near $200,000.

The new clock has gone up in cost since it was originally proposed, with inflationary pressures the main cause of the rise from the original $242,000 estimate.

One point of discussion around the new clock was whether or not there would be a ring that would go along with the screen to display advertisements as a way to recoup costs from the score clock. The council decided to keep the ring.

Some of the other costs associated with broadcasting the game on the screen came from a Tricaster that would need to be replaced regardless of the clock being changed worth $25,000, along with a $24,040 upgrade for camera replays.

Unbudgeted costs for the clock come out to $35,000. City manager Jeff Ward mentioned that they had made an extra $50,000 from concessions that was also unbudgeted which could cover those extra costs.

The council voted to move forward with the purchase of the clock.

Mayor Roy Ludwig ended the talk with the committee members by thanking them for helping to make the Centennial Cup a great success for Estevan.