Any international golf aficionados whose dreams of playing abroad are constrained by passport issues are in luck.

So is anyone looking to score a free round on a unique course.

The Gateway Cities Golf Course in North Portal crosses the Canada-US border, but you don't need to worry about customs to play. Nor do you need to worry about green fees, when you golf on Sundays.

A grass green on the course

The Gateway Cities Golf Course is a non-profit organization. Chase Buchanan, with the course, said it's "the only course in North America where you can tee off in Canada and your ball lands an hr later on the 9th green in the United States of America."

Buchanan said the course was grandfathered in so that people can cross onto the American side on the ninth hole and visit the clubhouse there too.

He said they're pumping out the fairway on the eighth hole, but the course is otherwise primed for a "really green season."

"So far so good," said Buchanan. "League night's going to start on Tuesday and we have a Friday night steak happening on the 26th of May. So feel free to join us."

The golf course

COVID-19 resulted in about a year-and-a-half pause on activities, but Buchanan said they were "pretty well wide open" last year.

It's a nine-hole course with two grass greens (and a third in the works) and the rest sand greens.

Buchanan said they've always offered free Sunday golf, but not a lot of people know about it. He's hoping more people take advantage of the opportunity to play in two countries and two time zones at the "little oasis of North Portal."