Lindsay Arnold, hailing from North Portal, Saskatchewan, has been nominated for a 2023 SaskMusic Award in the Music Video of the Year category. The spotlight is on her artistic talents, as she takes the director's chair for "Tous les matins," a music video by francophone artist Alexis Normand.


The upcoming 2023 Saskatchewan Music Awards, scheduled for December 2nd, is poised to honor excellence and celebrate the achievements within the Saskatchewan music industry over the past year.

In a recent interview on SUN 102, Arnold shared insights into the intricate process of bringing "Tous les matins" to life, offering a glimpse into the painstaking and time-consuming work involved.

"For many, many weeks, all my spare time, I would be upstairs in my studio with the lights off," Lindsay revealed, describing the intricate process of creating a stop-motion video. "It's, take a picture, move the object, take a picture, move the object. I'm not using any sort of computer programs or digital manipulation. This is old-school stop motion."

The journey of creating this music video began when Alexis Normand, the talented songwriter and performer, approached Arnold due to her reputation for crafting captivating stop-motion videos. "She had seen some of my stop motion videos online and just asked if I would be interested in making a video. So I jumped at the chance. It was great," Arnold recalled with enthusiasm.

The collaboration with Normand was a creative endeavor, with the two artists jointly developing a storyboard to align with the song's themes. "I worked with Alexis and came up with a storyboard that she looked at and reviewed, and we discussed the themes that are in the music," Arnold explained. "But she really did let me run with it creatively."

One delightful detail in the video was the inclusion of mouthwatering cinnamon buns from Michael's Coffee Shop and Bakery. These cinnamon buns added a flavorful and memorable element to the video, tying in beautifully with the song's narrative. "I knew that the Michael's cinnamon buns would be perfect," Arnold said. "So for about, I think it was one day, I spent recording them. I had to melt butter on them, and of course, by the end, they were all torn up into little bits because of the way that the plot went in the video. So I had this bag of little pieces of cinnamon buns, so we ate them."


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As the Saskatchewan Music Awards draw near, Lindsay Arnold's work on "Tous les matins" has earned her a well-deserved nomination in the Music Video of the Year category. Visit to view more of her amazing work and follow her on Instagram as well.

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